Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Motu Beach Picnic & Ray Feeding

Your experience begins when you board a comfortable, covered, motorized boat. You will have the pleasure of admiring the island from the lagoon just as the first explorers did in the 18th century. The old crater of the volcano provides a view to unique and magnificent scenery—sharp peaks and high mountains, green valleys, pineapple plantations and lush forests. As you ride across the turquoise waters of Moorea, the captain will tell you all about the island’s legends and history. You will then arrive at one of the gorgeous, white sandy islets surrounded by crystal clear water, shallow enough to walk right off the boat onto the beach. Swim or snorkel around the turquoise lagoon or simply relax on the beach or in the shade while the local crew prepares lunch. One of the highlights will be when the local guides attract schools of sting rays from the lagoon for a feeding. You are welcome to join in and touch and play with these gentle sea creatures. In exchange for a piece of fish they will gracefully dance around you. A delicious buffet-style lunch is served, with soft island music in the background. After lunch you will be entertained with more music and a coconut husking demonstration. Transfer by motorized catamaran back to Cook’s Bay and the ship.


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