Monday, March 3, 2008

VIET NAM, HALONG BAY,, March 3rd 2008 Monday

Halong Bay Cruise & Thien Cung Cave

Bay of the Descending Dragon is the English translation for Halong Bay. This remarkable natural wonder and UNESCO World Heritage Site became famous in the West when it was featured in the French film Indochine. Halong Bay is dotted with an estimated 1,969 islands spread over 900 square miles. Some islands are covered in dense vegetation; others are bare and rocky. Sail gracefully past these imposing formations on a converted fishing junk. See tiny islands dotted with rock arches, sheer cliffs, innumerable white sand beaches and peaceful coves. You will stop at Thien Cung Cave and wander through the cavern to marvel at its stalagmite and stalactite formations (suitable only for the agile). 
Drinks and western-style restroom facilities are available on board. There are about 120 steep steps to reach the Thien Cung Cave, which is an optional visit

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